Smart glass shower design

Designing a perfect bathroom space could be difficult, especially if only limited space is available. A variety of solutions might be simply overwhelming – leaving a customer with the question- which solution is perfect for him? While designing stage is very important, even more important is to find out how we would like the bathroom’s layout to look like and what should it include. Both creative thinking and technological feasibility help designers to propose the best possible solutions. There are always a few tricks available that can help to upgrade any bathroom.

Smartglass doors and partitions

Whether we are thinking of a small change or an entire rebuilding of one’s bathroom, Smartglass could be a perfect solution to keep it both clean and functional. Available glass partitions could visually add space and provide more light than before. Often bathrooms get smaller and require a special “dividing space” to help keep one’s privacy.

How could Smartglass change bathroom space?

If you have an outdated looking bathroom window, check Smartglass modern technology and use its product  instead of traditional blinds. It will transform the interior by adding a modern feel to the bathroom and also will help to maintain hygiene as laminated glass does not absorb any moisture or odour.

Old bathroom,  but new design

If existing bathroom space is adequate, but needs reorganization – Smartglass partitions and doors can offer a great privacy solution. If you plan to create a walk in shower or just a separate bath –  Smartglass can help you achieve this in no time.  “Privacy on demand” with Smartglass is at your reach.

Smart Glass Miami

Smart Glass Miami is one of the market’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of electronically switchable film and glass partitions. The company has consistently invested in ongoing research and development in order to create the highest quality smart glass for use in home, workplace and other areas of our day-to-day lives.

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Miami Office: 305 53 9999 3

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